Wye Mills

Address:Grange Hall Rd Near Route 50
Wye Mills, MD

This site is one of the few microwave sites that AT&T retained ownership of, when it sold off almost all it's other microwave sites. It's not known why certain sites were retained, but it may be because this site is a POP site for AT&T's long distance service. This site is one of the later microwave sites built, as it doesn't appear as a microwave site on this 1970 map, or a 1979 map.

Currently this site is part of a currently licensed AT&T microwave link from Arnold, MD(near Annapolis, MD) to Salisbury, MD(another AT&T owned site). This site's call sign is WAD26, and has direct paths to Arnold, MD and Federalsburg, MD. See this route map for the exact route.

Interesting things about this site, include the design of the building which is unlike most other AT&T microwave sites, this could be due to its late construction, although it is similar in style to Federalsburg, MD. Additionally there is a large variety of antennas on the tower, both styles of horns and parabolic. The lower mounted antennas were used in a diversity receive setup to improve reliability of the microwave links.


Taken August 2, 2003.

Tower approaching from route 50
Filter/Combiner network these are used to seprate/combine the differnet frequency bands, and polarizations.